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We are an "One-Stop" Big Data Integrator and Big Data Solution Provider.

When we incorporated this company in January 1999, we dealt with data. After so many years, data is still all what we do. From traditional database to NoSQL, from structured data to unstructured data, from modeling to prediction, from data warehousing to business intelligence, we have done them all. With the advancement of our technologies, we now collect and then analyze data from Smart IoT, such as sensors, images, videos, social media, geo spatial, and others. The term, Big Data, is catch-phrase for a very popular concept today. To us, however, it means so much more. It's in our gene, and all our practices and solutions are centered around data and Big Data.

We offer "End to End" intelligent data services to our clients, and provide "Total Solution" to fulfill diverse and changing requirements, with ease, speed, and accuracy. Over the years, we have provided solutions and services to the federal government (DOT, DOL, DHS, FAA, FDA), commercial clients (Google, Amazon, Target, Bank of America), as well as other organizations (Brown University, John Hopkins University, National Science Academy).

We have been expanding internationally, with offices in China, Hong Kong, Canada, and Africa.

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Big Data Solutions
What is your Big Data strategy? Do you think that Big Data is only for big companies? Did you know that a big data model can help you achieve a 16% sales increase, 12% risk reduction, and 28% better customer experience? And how can new sources of data, including social, sensors, location and video help improve your business performance? Will your Big Data remain dormant or will you make it work for you?
Smart IoT Data Solutions
Smart IoT and Big Data are interconnected. Data is what makes a device smart. Discrete manufacturers are bringing increasingly smart and connected products to the market to generate new sources of data and value for their businesses and customers. Our value is in integrating and connecting those devices together, collecting then analyzing the data in real-time.
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