Job Opening

At Maxaur, we're depending on you - your talent, your energy, your spunk, and your experience. Because frankly, to succeed in this competitive industry of ours, we need to hire the very best people - and keep them. Without the best people, we cannot maintain our dramatic track record for developing innovative solutions; and we cannot deliver on our promises to our clients.

Are you the type of person who could find a fit with us? That decision, of course, is yours. But here are some characteristics that all of us at Maxaur seem to share:

  • A passion for service. We live and breathe customer service in everything we do at our jobs. By focusing together on this common goal, we will continue to be a leader in our market. In this regard, every employee's contribution is valued.
  • A desire for growth. We are a company of highly self-motivated professionals - problem-solvers who thrive in a team environment. So at a growing, innovative company like ours, you won't find layers of bureaucracy to prevent you from exploring your potential. In fact, we encourage all our employees to do just that.

So why work with us? It's a good question. For starters, you may find that you share the same fresh thinking and goals of our company's culture. Plus, you may be attracted to the kind of work we do and the special, open environment of our company. You may even feel that you can make a real difference at Maxaur - for the company and for your future.

We are in need for qualified professionals to fill positions in many sectors of our company, including:

  • Business Development
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Client Services and Sales
  • Product Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Quality Assurance
  • Professional Services
  • Project Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Network & Telco
  • Application & Systems Support
  • Business Continuity
  • Customer Care
  • Risk Management
  • MIS / Business Intelligence
  • Database Administration

Please send your resume to, and we definitely would love to talk to you.

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