Consulting Services @ Maxaur
Mobile Application Design and Development

A mobile app is like a house built on a foundation. Many apps have clean design but weak foundation or a strong foundation but poor design. Our app design and development experts work together to develop a clean site with a strong foundation.

Our development process typically starts with design. Your vision is critical. From the onset, our designers, developers and project strategists will work with you to ask questions and understand the needs of your business and audience to start crafting the optimal user experience using their deep understanding of devices and their nuances. This design-first thinking always results in well thought out, easy to navigate solutions for your audience.

Our design team then works side-by-side with our developers to harmoniously create the app that best fits your needs. You'll be involved from start to finish, thanks to our agile development process that keeps you connected to your app's progress every step of the way.

When you need an iOS, Android, HTML5 or desktop app to solve a problem, grow your business or engage your employees, partnering with us is a no-brainer. We provide end-to-end mobile solutions for a range of app development projects, including:

  • iOS apps
  • Android apps
  • Backend apps using Ruby and Python
  • Frontend apps using HTML5
  • Desktop Cocoa (Mac) apps
  • UI/UX expertise and responsive web design
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