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eCommerce Hosting and Management

Creating an exceptional customer experience for your website is hard enough. You shouldn't have to worry about building a high-performance infrastructure as well. We offer an ecommerce hosting platform that keeps your online store running at peak performance and our expertise doesn't stop there. We can also help you meet PCI requirements and we provide support for several industry-leading ecommerce software solutions. We are:

Customer focused
Customers are always our number one priority. Here at Maxaur, we understand ecommerce, and we'll do everything we can to help you succeed.

We'll design a best-fit hosting platform for your preferred ecommerce app, and provide end-to-end support for Magento, Oracle Commerce, and hybris.

Built on best practices
We work closely with system integrators to understand the latest industry trends. Then, we use that feedback to make ongoing platform improvements, so you always get the best possible hosting solution.

Top Features:
Maximum uptime
When your website goes down, so does your revenue. Our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee keeps you online and ready to sell.

Fast page loads
A slow website equals lost sales. Our specialists are relentless about fine tuning your platform to ensure your website loads quickly.

PCI compliance
We offer a full range of security solutions to help make your ecommerce environment PCI compliant.

Proactive security
Our security controls combine expertise with industry-leading technology to help keep your ecommerce platform as safe as possible.

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