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If your company decides to upgrade its software, there is only so much your software vendor can do for you and only so much you will have time to do for yourself. We have the expertise to tackle even the most complex software implementations, whether you’re bringing up specific modules, an entire Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, acquiring another company or large set of properties that need to be added to your system.

If you are implementing a multi-module package, one of your first considerations is whether to implement a few modules at a time (for example, General Ledger and Fixed Assets) or all at once. There are a number of considerations, including your existing accounting software, the number and type of interfaces to be maintained, the geographic dispersion of your company and future system users, to name a few. We can help you decide on the right approach to minimize business disruption and accelerate benefits.

Once you begin the path to convert to a new software system, there are a multitude of considerations that we can guide you through. Most of our consultants have a Big 6 background and our methodology is highly structured to give you assured quality and reduce business risk. The following is a list of potential project phases that a typical software implementation will include:

Analysis – Analyze current requirements, particularly those that differentiate the company from other firms.

Redesign – For our clients desiring process redesign, merging best practices with new software functionality to make processes more efficient and reduce cost.

Data Cleansing – Most of our clients use data that contains duplicates, inappropriately classified items (units or prospects loaded as wells), data with mixed numbering strategies and other problems that make the data difficult to use. We work with their clients to identify and cleanse poor data to make the most of your software investment.

Data Conversion – Reformatting data from one system to match the requirements of another is rarely a simple task. We can help you tackle this difficult task with seasoned consultants who understand how your data will be used on a day-to-day basis. Our methodology includes structured sign-offs by business users that meet stringent Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

Systems Test – New functionality, interfaces and sets of untested code must be put through rigorous scenario testing to ensure that the results you get are accurate. We consultants have a strong background in scenario test development and execution. Testing can include parallel testing, if appropriate.

User Training – High quality training is more than having someone walk your people through some basic screens before turning them loose on your new application. We work with software vendors and your management team to structure tailored classes that use real-life examples that are relevant for those people attending class. This approach of hands-on interaction prepares people for the move to a new system. In addition, we ensure that your people understand the processes around the software, so they understand how to tell when the system isn’t updated, how to diagnose data and timing problems and who to contact when problems arise.

Business Simulation – Many of our clients choose to enhance the training experience with a second wave of hands-on time for new users. Business Simulation focuses users on repeated scenarios taken from their everyday job. This exercise helps them understand their new day-to-day responsibilities in light of the new application and processes. In addition, this is the last chance before rolling out the new software (or “going live”) to do rigorous testing with large sets of data. We recommends Business Simulation over parallel testing to ensure that your system is ready to support day-to-day operations.

Cutover Planning – Loading data from one system to another and validating the accuracy of the load can take a matter of days. Given this, it is important to have a plan for shutting down the old (or “legacy”) system and bringing up the new system. The cutover plan documents each step in limiting access and functions in the old system as data is extracted from it and loaded to the new system. Also, it is common for some functions to be allowed in the new system before the go-live date (e.g. – many companies load and validate their master data prior to go-live). This comprehensive plan provides a sequenced list of all steps involved in the cutover and is a source for a set of instructions for each functional area using the old and new software.

Post-Go-Live Support – Veterans of software system implementations know that the time just after you move to the new software can be the most hectic. We offers post-go-live support ranging from general fire-fighting and user support to establishing IT support processes.

Whether you are considering a single-function system or an ERP/CRM system that will affect most of the people in your company, we can help you minimize business disruption and get the most out of your software investment.

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