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Financial Data Modeling and Analysis

We offers a range of services and resources to financial organizations who are looking to deploy data mining, predictive analytics, statistical analysis, or mathematical modeling. Our Financial Data Modeling and Analysis services can provide the following features and benefits:

  • Consolidates meaningful financial data across multiple channels and products.
  • Supports compliance and risk reporting requirements such as integrated risk management and enterprise risk reporting.
  • Detects fraud and abnormal transaction
  • Helps cross sell different financial products and services
  • Helps minimize errors and development costs by facilitating an incremental approach to integrated reporting.

As an example, every business faces a unique set of risks. What can go wrong, and what can you do about it? Identifying, analyzing, and mitigating those risks can provide peace of mind and a strong competitive advantage. We can help our clients identify and quantify these risks through a risk audit and the development of sophisticated risk models. Some of the techniques we can employ include the development of Monte Carlo simulation models so that you can visualize the full range of potential outcomes.

We also specializes in complex, data-intensive cases, including government/regulatory investigations, financial/accounting investigations, class actions, bankruptcies, and other cases requiring complex modeling or sharing of information. Our professionals have in depth experience in the design and implementation of complex financial, economic, transactional, and accounting data management systems.

Our key strength is our ability to quickly analyze and begin working on the problem. This is complemented by the skill-set of the team member—each person has an application skill coupled with finance expertise, a rare and important combination.

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