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ePro Project Management

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (ePro) is a highly configurable project portfolio management product that provides visibility across the organization into all projects planned and in progress.

          Provides tracking and monitoring capabilities for managing details of projects at the individual project level and at a higher level treating a series of projects as a portfolio.

          Provides a single source of project administration as the corporate repository allowing tracking of projects at all levels of an organization.

          Provides a means for prioritizing projects to ensure effective use of resources and delivers a robust mechanism for managing project details.

          Configurable to meet specific organizational process while maintaining key components of process established by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

          Allows project assignees and managers a means to manage their respective projects.

          As the single source for managing all projects, ePro delivers a strategic means to allowing proper prioritization of projects to ensure resources are being used for the right purposes for the given objectives of the organization.  Its robust capabilities allow the organization to alter priorities as appropriate to support the shifting demands and needs of an agile entity.

          Complementing the effective management of projects, ePro enables managing the details of specific projects so as to provide the right information at the right levels and at the right time.  Users will be able to provide relevant details to support organizations positioning them to provide better and timely support.

          Creates a framework for process that ensures customer expectations are met or exceeded.

In summary, ePro delivers a complete solution for tracking and managing projects treating them as portfolios to ensure proper resource utilization and increasing overall corporate productivity.  Staff productivity will increase with information being more readily available while following a defined process across the organization.  This increase in productivity should reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

My Project Page:

The My Projects page is a dashboard style presentation of all projects relevant to the User currently logged in.  If the CIO is logged in all active projects for the IT organization will be presented.  The projects displayed, are filtered as you move down the management chain all the way down to individual project owners and contributors.


Project Planning Module

The Project Planning module delivers several planning tools to help plan, prioritize measure Return On Investment (ROI), and create new projects.


Cost/Benefit Review

This reporting page is provided as a valuable tool for decision makers to evaluate the value proposition of projects.  It is available via the Cost/Benefit Assessment sub menu within the Project Planning module/menu.  The portion of the page presented below provides a comparison in graphical format of the costs and the benefits.  In addition to this critical information, the page also provides an ROI assessment, Risks that may have been identified for the project, and an itemized listing of all costs and benefits.



Quality Management Module

The Quality Management module provides critical functionality for managing project quality.  Using the features in this module, QA analysts are able to report defects and monitor progress of solutions to defects reported.

While there are several features in this module, three of them are key the Quality Management function:

Defect Discovery: Used to report new defects.

Defect Review: Used to peruse defects and select one for action.  Drilling further into this capability the analyst is able to add/edit details about the defect including tracking rework and attaching other documents for illustration purposes.

Defect Metrics: Provides a view of all of the defects categorized for defect inventory assessment.

In this module, the analyst is also able to go directly to the quality management page for the project and update QA completion information.



Delivery Management Module

The Delivery Management module addresses all project management needs between the Planning/Initiation phases and the Quality Management function and Implementation.  This includes a multitude of features ranging from Capacity Planning to Objects (Hardware and Software) required for successful Implementation.  Some examples are below.

Resource Capacity Planning:

Select this menu option to access the Capacity Planning pages to manage resource capacity allocations.  Provides multi-level drill-down capability for managers of multiple teams.  Screen shot segment is shown on right.

Release Forecasting:

Select this sub-menu to access the Release Forecasting page.  This function provides release managers a view of what is to come and allows preparation for effective release management.

Release Portfolio Summary:

Select this sub-menu to access metrics on the release with the allocation to various functional areas and a summary of projects in various statuses.


Reporting Module

The Reporting module provides a means for communicating information to stakeholders.  Current features include status reporting capability for a single project or multiple projects.


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