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Fleet Management System

The application was initially designed in 2007. It was for one of US government agencies to keep track its fleet, building and other assets, due to legislative mandates. Because of the tool, it enabled the agency to meet the "Go Green" goal, and we won White House Achievement Award.

Since then, much more functionalities were added or enhanced. There are three parts of the software as of today:

·         Fleet management

This part is designed to keep track of all government vehicles, including public transportation, police department, special operation vehicles, etc. Data collected including purchase year, price, insurance amount, warranty, mileage, maintenance, gasoline usage, accident, repair, rental, personnel record, inventory, etc.

·         Dispatch and Schedule

This part is designed to allow central personals to dispatch, schedule vehicles. It also allows department to track vehicles location using GPS.

·         Electronic Toll Collection

This part is designed to allow government vehicles to pass through toll booth without stopping. This is so called Easy Pass. The Easy Pass system is adopted in the almost entire Northern American, and it saves resource, as well as provides much convenient way to electronically pay or collect tolls.

Each module has full functionalities in data entry, reporting and scorecards. We also have data mining algorism built in to find any abnormal transactions and any risk behavior.

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