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Precision Marketing

Competing for qualified prospects requires a smart, targeted approach. Retaining existing customers is another challenging task. Every day we face questions like:

  • Who are our targeted customers?
  • How to measure a customer's life time value?
  • How to increase customer loyalty?
  • Is our membership programming really working?
  • What's the risk of a specific customer?
  • How satisfying our customer is with our after-sale service?
  • What would be my response rate for a campaign?
  • How is our competitor and the overall industry doing?

To answer those questions, we have 3 sets of data models. Our precision marketing solutions help you tighten targeted lists without resource-taxing and subjective selection.

  • Customer related
  • Seller related
  • Social media analysis and data modeling with insufficient data

Our customer related precision marketing analysis bases on 3 types of data:

  • Transactional data
  • Behavioral data
  • Geo location data

We use 4 "R" to target potential customers:

  • Right product
  • Right time
  • Right customer
  • Right location

Like other vendors, we do the first 3 "R"'s. However, only we also focus on the last "R", "Right Location". Our indoor positioning solution allows us to market at the right location. For example, when you walk by a coffee shop, our solution sends you relevant information about the coffee shop instead of a neighboring shoe store.

Some algorisms that we use include:

  • Regression,
  • Cluster,
  • Classification, segment, market basket,
  • Time series,
  • Decision tree,
  • Neural networks,
  • Anomaly,
  • Association,
  • Factor analysis,
  • Text mining,
  • Support vector machines,
  • Sequence mining,
  • Naive Bays

We offer a number of analytic tools that enable you to determine which otherwise good prospects identified in our analysis are most likely to be in the market for the product or service youare offering. Our analytic tools can tell you, for example, which prospects are most likely to refinance their mortgages or buy new homes. We can also apply behavioral analytics to information gathered from consumer credit reports, demographics, property reports and local real estate market conditions to help you understand borrowers' debt servicing behavior.

With our solution, we can:

  • Target marketing efforts to qualified prospects who are most likely to respond
  • Reduce printing and mailing costs while improving response rates
  • Optimize customer acquisition and cross-selling
  • Triage prospects before they enter the sales pipeline to reduce wasted effort and increase productivity
  • Strengthen collaboration between marketing, sales and departments

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