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O2O Solution

Our O2O solution aims to help companies bridge business relations online and offline. O2O Solution comprehensively combines CRM, DMS and SFA systems online and offline to form a complete consumer database, add consumption scenarios, and streamline the customer's shopping experience.

Features of our solution:

  • Real time, geo based online purchasing, offline consumption.
  • Online ordering, offline delivery: The customer can shop online to coordinate their deliveries.
  • Online activity, offline participation: Give your customers details on promotional offers and sales information to put into use in their stores.
  • Online special offers, offline exchange: Coordinate your online and offline promotions to support a multi-platform shopping experience.
  • Online interaction, offline consumption: Lead the customers back to your online shopping experience with your offline promotions to enhance the shopping experience.
  • Over all data connection: With combining systems like CRM, DMS and SFA, O2O forms a complete shared database and to aid in business-related decision making.

Benefits of our solution:

  • Fulfill several consumption scenarios: With O2O, consumers can shop online and offline, increasing the opportunities for purchase and greatly enhancing sales benefits on a corporate level.
  • Unify the consumption data online and offline: O2O provides a comprehensive and reliable database for in-depth analysis of consumer activity.
  • Track consumer's preferences: View reports on consumer preferences created through purchase analysis.
  • Combine the online and offline experience: The consumer can shop online and receive orders in person, which enhances business relations.
  • KPI preparation and bonus payment: Gain precise understanding of the various departments and the degree of success factors of consumption, which can motivate your personnel to be more prepared to adjust the KPI.

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