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Fraud and Risk Management

Our "Fraud and Risk Management" solution provides relevant information about people, businesses and assets. Our solution is designed more for financial industry, and includes a suite of risk and fraud prevention models and services, available either packaged or individually, allowing our customer to personally customize our solution.

Fraud is an adaptive crime and most fraudsters are armed with the latest in technology. That means financial service institutions need to stay a step ahead. Big Data is becoming the go-to solution banks have been looking for to prevent and attack fraud without affecting the experience of the customer.

We have developed a Big Data solution for financial services clients that can detect fraud without disrupting service to valuable customers. This solution will process massive amounts of structured and unstructured data from a hybrid of sources. Models and algorithms are used to find patterns of fraud and anomalies in the data to predict customer behavior.

We process data using both batch processing (MapReduce) and stream processing (Apache Storm). The ability to read, analyze and react to streamed data such as a credit card transaction is essential, and Storm can take advantage of the distributed platform to perform sub-second response time.

Our solutions include:

  • Risk Monitoring Service (RMS): A real-time solution assigns fraud scores to each transaction and employs a sophisticated rules engine to potentially deny fraudulent transactions as they occur.
  • The Card Alert Service: A sophisticated transaction monitoring service that reports suspected counterfeit cards to institutions prior to losses occurring.
  • 24/7 Case Management: Provides an established group of fraud analysts to monitor alerts and work with cases on your behalf.
  • Pricing strategy: based on customer's risk factor, provide different pricing for financial product.

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